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Breaking intar OS i Paris 2024

Den 7:e december nåddes vi av nyheten att breaking kommer vara en del av OS 2024, som går av stapeln i Paris.

OS-resan har börjat och arbetet med SOK har redan inletts. DSF har också inlett arbetet med att starta en arbetsgrupp, med människor från breakingscenen, som kommer samarbeta tillsammans med DSF för att utveckla breaking inom förbundet och för att ta fram den svenska OS-truppen.

Vi på DSF är glada och positiva till att breakingen kommer vara en framtida OS gren, vi ser framemot en utvecklande tid för DSF och breakingscenen i Sverige.

Se också brev nedan från vårt internationella förbund, World Dancesport Federation (WDSF):

Dear Valued Members,

 We are extremely pleased to let you know that the International Olympic Committee has just confirmed that Breaking has been added to the sports programme for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games! 

While a long and sometimes challenging journey, the World DanceSport Federation has been honoured and privileged to have played our part, culminating in this historic moment for the organisation, for the DanceSport community, for all NMBs and for all dancers around the world. 

One of our common goals now is to deliver the best possible Breaking event at Paris 2024. We will continue to work diligently and collaboratively with the Breaking community to ensure that DanceSport’s debut at Paris 2024 is an outstanding success featuring the very best athletes, exciting competition and a unique atmosphere. Indeed, for the Olympic Games and for events which serve to prepare and qualify for the Olympic Games, it is required to produce the highest possible standards, and, to ensure that we fully comply with all IOC requirements. WDSF will provide detailed guidance to ensure that Breaking events are correctly and consistently conducted by all member bodies.

Once again, we send our hearty congratulations to the entire DanceSport community at this historical moment, one that comes as a desperately needed shot in the arm during these challenging times. 

With Kind Regards, 

The WDSF Presidium

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